QUA77RO's B8 Avant

First I want to thank Cory for giving me a nudge in the direction of AR. Nice to find a place where facts as well as opinions can be aired without concern of stepping on advertisers toes… Cool thing going here.

I’ll be documenting my build on my 2009 Avant as it continues to unfold. I’m an admitted track junky and have over 100 track days on the Avant thus far, although it has been missing a few recently… a long story that I’ll get to next week after I get back from the TUDOR UNITED SPORTS CAR CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES at Laguna Seca being held this weekend.

Don’t have time to get into the mods on the Avant right now but I’ll flesh most of the story out in the coming weeks for those that haven’t seen my reviews or build thread on a’zine. For now here’s a photo (sorry crappy cell phone pic with a little post processing) of the Avant cooling it’s brakes in the paddock at Laguna Seca.


Details coming soon…

Welcome to AR! A few of us from the Pacific Northwest will be coming down to Laguna Seca on Sept 10 and 11. Looking forward to running that track!

What does this mean?

Cool man. Welcome to AR!

Welcome! Good to see you here…and another B8 A4 Avant :slight_smile:

I’m sure AR members will enjoy how passionate you are about running your Avant around the track, and the technical details surrounding your (extremely) track focused build.

You’ve intrigued me. Fantastic looking car.

I like the white avant. Is it an 09?

I have an 09. Ghetto model . We put some nice gunmetal RS4 wheels on for the summer. I need those little doorblades. Wife doesn’t want it lowered though. If she had her way, she’d have it lifted like an all-road.



I’m an automotive photographer and occasionally wear the journalist hat as well. I was there shooting for an article on the Monterey Grand Prix.

Stuff like this:

IMG_3574ac_mvp by Marcel V. Photography, on Flickr

larger size is here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/quattro_challenge/14094311616/

Thanks for the warm welcome guys! :slight_smile:

Hope you guys don’t mind photos… I try to document as much as I can…visually… :wink:

Here’s a quick shot of the Avant back home after 3 months at the Audi dealership. Still sporting track numbers
Blizzard in the Spring:

IMG_4591a_mvp by Marcel V. Photography, on Flickr

And here she is after a bath:

Blizzard_Audi_B8_Avant_low-res by Marcel V. Photography, on Flickr

I asked the guys to remove the door numbers and instead they removed all of my decals including my 25th Anniversary Quattro rings… I just got another set today but I’m going to hold off while I figure out what I’m going to do to the body for the Legends of the Autobahn Concours in Carmel. I’m planning to show Blizzard in the track modified class this year. I doubt she’ll win anything but it’ll be fun to let her pose on the lawn with the big guns. Still working on a scheme for the show. I already have a few tasty items I’ll be working on in the garage over the Summer in preparation. Was planning to go “all out” and see if I can win something… but i have two major surgeries coming up and might not be able to get around much so I’m going to play it by ear and do what I can.

In the past, I’ve had Blizzard done up for rallies like Targa Trophy, like this(see below) but considering that AudiNA corporate executives and maybe even the president will be there, I want to let them see just how much I want an RS4 Avant… I’m sure they are tired of my emails already :P:




Almost forgot…here’s a tease of what has been going on for the past few months…Can you spot the mods? OEM subtlety at it’s finest. Thanks to Simo Luttunen!


Welcome man!! Great looking car and awesome pictures.

Nice, the elusive brake cooling project.

Thanks! on all counts :slight_smile:

you bet bud!

The green circles are not washers. They are paint. It lets anyone servicing the Avant know which bolts to remove in order to drop the belly pan.

The NACA ducts are an OEM Audi part. Any guesses as to where they came from?


A closer shot of one of the duct and the backing plate air scoop.


The air scoop and splash shield are modified VW Phaeton parts but they wouldn’t have done much without all the other mods since there is so little airflow in the B8 platform wheel wells.

Early mockups of the backing plates/splash shields to determine how they would need to be modified


Modified VAG parts


Remember though that back in December when I upgraded my bumper to the Caractere one, there was a method to my madness…[evilsmile]

After all, I knew I had this project coming…although the scope was still unknown…

Those massive honeycomb intakes were going to be functional by the time we were done…


Photo courtesy of A’zine user “chet”. Bastard :stuck_out_tongue: spotted Blizzard hiding in the back of Audi Stevens Creek and started texting me photos. I hadn’t seen the Avant in over a month at that point.