QUA77RO's B8 Avant

First I want to thank Cory for giving me a nudge in the direction of AR. Nice to find a place where facts as well as opinions can be aired without concern of stepping on advertisers toes… Cool thing going here.

I’ll be documenting my build on my 2009 Avant as it continues to unfold. I’m an admitted track junky and have over 100 track days on the Avant thus far, although it has been missing a few recently… a long story that I’ll get to next week after I get back from the TUDOR UNITED SPORTS CAR CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES at Laguna Seca being held this weekend.

Don’t have time to get into the mods on the Avant right now but I’ll flesh most of the story out in the coming weeks for those that haven’t seen my reviews or build thread on a’zine. For now here’s a photo (sorry crappy cell phone pic with a little post processing) of the Avant cooling it’s brakes in the paddock at Laguna Seca.


Details coming soon…