R picture, video & chat thread

woo, first


as I got it, superfluous badges and all

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Great post love the car. Beemer running things in the VW section. LOL off to a great start.

Man, I love the Golf R.

I also like the new GTIs too. They look sweet!

Nice! this website grows tons every day! People really take for granted the values of this website. Having somewhere where things don’t get edited, where they are set in stone, where moderators are NOT at the mercy of advertisers, that is ideal, there is wealth of information here, and I’m sure it will only grow bigger and better as we get VW guys on here too.

Can’t wait to see if we get the Golf R wagon in the USA…

^ is that even in the realm of possibility? Very few sport wagons are popular here. I would love to see more options. Hell even audi cut its options with sedan only “3” offerings…Subaru it is I guess. Lol!

But, I guess if vw is replacing the jetta with golf sportwagen anything is possible.

I’ve read a few articles indicating that we’ll get them. I’d love a Golf R Sportwagen if they bring over a manual. The S3 is intriguing as well, been hearing talk of a manual version of that too

No kidding? A manual version for the next gen or for the later years of the current gen? I figured at some point someone would swap in a golf r manual tranny, but didn’t expect audi to come up with anything.

not a picture or of my car, but R content nonetheless

Polo R rally car

changed to videos and chat too

mk 7 R content, glad I didn’t wait to get my mk 6 (re: DSG only)

spoke too soon

I don’t know much about the golf R is that like the S version for the golf guys. What’s different

The Golf is like the A
The GTI is like the S
The R is closest to the RS

Compared to the GTI its AWD, black interior, bigger brakes, bigger wheels, tighter/lower suspension, more power (bigger turbo), stronger motor (forged internals)

teetering on the edge of going to an R from my 2011 GTI. I’m looking at about 10k more than what I’m into for my GTI. I’m questioning the sanity of it since… I already have a sports car. I just get irked with wheel spin, somewhat sluggish acceleration, and lack of nav. I can remedy the nav sitiuation with about 1k. and I can remedy the sluggish acceleration with a tune and some parts for about 1500. But I’ll still have the wheel spin. Even adding some proper rubber wont really resolve it since adding a tune is just going to put it back. I already owned a TTS… so that and the R are going to be almost completely comparable…