R8 V10 Plus is no joke


Race starts at 6:24. Obviously a lot of variables at play but impressive nonetheless. Go Audi.

Pretty quick!

WOW! shocked that it beat the 570S and GTR…pathetic that the NSX was so far back after all that “classified” research etc.

The Porsche 911 S stock 11.5 is insane as well. The next turbo S will do something stupid in the low 10s

Pathetic showing from the F-type as well. I would seriously consider this car if they put a proper dual clutch or manual transmission in it.

If only it wasn’t so ugly now; I prefer the previous body style with the iconic side blade.

The only new car Audi makes better looking than the previous generation is the TT-RS (S3 is sweet but it really has not followed a previous gen model)

I have seen other rags put the 991 turbo s as a 10.xx car, assume they are ringers or this one was beat http://blog.caranddriver.com/performance-data-showdown-2015-chevrolet-corvette-z06-vs-nissan-gt-r-nismo-and-porsche-911-turbo-s/

I liked the f-type as well, same sentiments on the transmission but was a cool car, just a bit small inside for me

It seems more and more like the R8 V10+ and the Lamborghini Huracan have the same performance. It is getting harder and harder for the local Lamborghini dealer to justify the added expense.

I would think so.

Impressive results it was nice to see the R8 take down those other cars.

Not only that, but in typical “recent VAG” fashion, it seems fairly clear that the V10 is at least 10% underrated at 602 hp… Crazy.

I wouldn’t say it’s 660 hp.

If it’s trapping 130 in that bullshit test, it will probably trap 128 or so at a proper dragstrip. Trapping 128 means you’re making around 525 to the wheels or 600-620 or so at the crank. Not unrealistic.

why is it pathetic? It went 11.5 at 122.7? That’s indicative of a -550 hp and that 11.5 time is EXCELLENT for the trap. Means it put the power down beautifully.

That F-Type was the SCR which is suppose to be 575hp form the factory vs the AMG GTS rated at 503 HP that beat it, and barely a car length ahead of the 420hp 911 S

The quoted figures are from their normal dragstrip testing, not from the “made-for-video” WGDR, which required 20+ launches to get the action they wanted to show, so…

I’ve also seen it trap 132 mph in a couple of other tests, so depending on how you calculate the drivetrain loss, it’s most likely making a fair amount more than 602 hp…

Given the way that video is put together, I wouldn’t put too much stock in the relative finishing positions of the cars. From all appearances, they set it up so that the cars finish in the order that the times suggest they should…


That’s bullshit if its really set up like that…no point to the “fixed” test then

Still fun to watch, regardless…

And they did say they lined up the cars for the final take such that the R8 would be the spearhead in the center of the track with the rest of the cars trailing behind in “V” formation… Because entertainment!


yeah, they always do this so that the fastest cars are in the middle and the slowest on the outside.

you also have only to have been to the dragstrip ONCE to realise you don’t always get it perfect on every pass. This means 2 things for that video


a) someone (or a few guys) fucked that run up and didn’t have a good result for what the car SHOULD have done
b) they made a few runs to make sure everyone was comfortable and that they all got it right on the one for the video


They released a behind the scenes video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=af_hKmV-n44

Took something like 20 tries to film between people messing up launches and all the different angles.

figured as much.

If it’s 2 cars, they can get two good drivers who can nail it. When it’s 12, you use up all of your good drivers and then you go down the food chain to writer like Johnny Lieberman etc so they’re sure to blow it.

I can’t stand that guy, most of his reviews are garbage.

Saki are you talking more timing getting all 12 to start about at the same time? Because I cant imagine it takes much skill to depress the gas pedal to the ground and keep the car in a straight line ???

That’s assuming there were only a couple manuals out of the whole group

guess you haven’t been to the dragstrip yet lol

no, I mean getting the launch right, getting the gear changes right, not spinning the tires on the 1-2, not veering off line…all of these things screw your result and they can’t just put the shit time up as people hang these times on the cars for years.