R8v10 v Porsche 911 v modified gtr...


So tempting…

Nice video. Although I’m not a Chris Harris fan, especially since he trashed the RS4 in the last video.

I will own an R8 V10 someday. It will happen!!

Ron - I’m sure you’ll have one before me :wink: That will be the day I drive out to your track.

I want a R8 v10 too when I grow up… Haha!

Awesome cars. Completely awesome on track days with the right person behind the wheel…

The V10 R8 is so much better than the V8 R8 but if I ever got one than it would have to go down south to Underground Racing.

Never liked the squished beetles but they are fast.

What’s the price difference? A supercharged 4.2 would be cool. Apr has a tvsr1740 kit coming. A 5.2 won’t stand a chance against that. Even with tune exhaust etc.

The price difference is usually the cost of a B8 S4 depending on options. Your right that APR has the blower coming out but I would like to see what a catless V10 with an exhaust and tune can do. Audi restricts the V10s so bad with the cats.

hard to beat the v10 wail

County vohn has tuned a couple of 5.2 cars

Right on both counts. We shall see how another tuned V10 Audi does shortly.