Rack and pinion bolts

I have to get a new rack and pinion. Planning on getting one from a part out car because of price. Has anyone officially determined if the bottom bolt is accessible without pulling the motor? I believe that would be the only thing causing issues with motor in correct?

Finally got my lift installed, hoping to find the answer to this question, as the rack and pinion (steering gear) needs replaced.
Anyone else done this job on a V10 s6?

If the engine’s gotta come out, we can do, but it’s gonna be a laundry list of other things.

You can definitely get the bolts out with the engine in place

[Steering Rack Bolts]

However, that does not necessarily mean you can get the rack out. You may need to drop the engine a few inches (or more) for that to be done.

When they replaced the rack on my car, engine did not need to be taken out.

When I took my engine out, I saw no freakin way to unbolt hardlines and other stuff from the rack but maybe I am missing something

Definatly a job where you want space, maybe lower is the only way