ReFlashing RS5 to Stock from JHM

Good afternoon all. Living California has some drawbacks. Smog certification for instance. I have the tools to flash back to stock, but the tunes shown don’t project it.

I’m curious if anyone knows if its the “DO NOT USE” one on top. I don’t see another one that fits. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Iwas trying to do it today on the 4th because I have time.

Thank you

Do not use is for catless cars or cars with transmission issues. You should one screen before be able to select stock.

The screen before this is the controller ID. Nothing in regards to flashing to stock. After confirming the controller ID, the calibration screen comes next. Offering the tunes I posted.

I worded it terribly sorry. I was actually in the middle of something. I knew what I meant to say when I posted it but now re-readying it is completely wrong. Let me explain better.

Select the current stage that you are now. then on the next screen it should say stock. The screen you showed at the stage folders. The “tune” is in the — you must select a tune to continue — This refers to your current tune or the tune you’re looking to go to. Once you select the folder option

The options you see
Stage 2
Stage 1
Stage supercharger

Once you click on anyone of those “tunes” The next folder will open… So lets say you select the stage 2 in the “you must select a tune to continue”

The stage 2 folder will open. And for instance you might see
Stage 2 91
Stage 2 93
Stage 2 100

You’d then want to select the — Stock ---- option at this point… After that you’ll click next and the flash will then be back to stock…

I’m sorry I did a crap job in the last post. Let me know if this is more clear and your able to flash back to stock… honestly… it’s probably just better you move out of California. haha happy 4th

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Ahh! I get it now. lol. I appreciate the explanation. Will I need to do the same for the transmission or is it all in one operation?

Thank you!

Same for TCU or DSG as well

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It’s done. Thank you! Car feels like a boat. Lol

Don’t know if anyone cares. But I passed Smog easily after flashing back to stock and driving for 2 weeks. Tune goes back on this weekend. :slight_smile:

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I’m in southern California and I have the JHM stage 2 on my beautiful 2013 RS 5. I passed smog without reverting back to stock. I should move as well :thinking:

What about that ECU testing thing?

I don’t know. It was tested twice. Once when it came into California and again a year later when I brought from him. I had the same concern, but he said he didn’t put it back to stock.