Removing axle bolt on 2008 Audi S6

Does anyone have any tips on getting the centre axle bolt out on an 08 S6, I’ve searched around a bit and people recommend heating it, but I’m worried that I’ll end up messing up the bearing (I need to get the knuckle off to get the pinch bolt removed) also, if I use heat can I heat it while the rim is on or will that compromise the strength of the rim it’s self. I managed to get the drivers side (left) one off with just my impact but I can’t get the right one to budge. I’ve soaked it in penetrating oil for about a week and used my impact as well as a 30" breaker bar with another 4-5" pipe on the end and I am seeing that the bolt is starting to get rounded on the corners so I’m concerned that I’ll end up stripping the damn thing. Any advice would be appreciated.


You removing the axle bolt purely for the reason of removing the pinchbolt?
What heat source do you have?
As for the wheel, take it off for sure, its a fast job and avoids both material damage and coat damage from the heat.

As for the pinchbolt, not sure what you have tried and not. But I would recommend trying heat combined with a air hammer, before trying to remove the entire knuckle. And none of that propan/butan crap, not hot enough.

If you’re talking about the large hex nut in the middle of the hub, I usually take the center cap out of the wheel. mount the wheel back onto the car. take a long breaker bar and tension it at about the 5 o’clock position and then use my floor jack to continue pushing up on the breaker bar.
Do not reuse the bolt. I believe the tightening procedure is torque to 150 foot pounds and then add another 180 degree turn. The bolt is under a lot of tension. Thats probably why you are having trouble getting it off.

I did manage to get the hex nut out eventually, I had a buddy come over and we used a 30" breaker bar with about another two feet of extensions on it. Helps he’s a big guy (6-4 270 pounds).

I’m taking them off to get the pinch bolt out, I already damaged the left steering knuckle trying to get that one out, I used heat (just a propane torch), tried an air hammer, soaked it in penetrating oil, tried to pull it out using the nut and eventually tried to drill it out but that ended up cutting into the aluminum. I’m going to replace that one with a new knuckle and plan on taking the right one to a machine shop to get it drilled out since I can’t get the damn thing to budge no matter what I do