Removing the Flaps from the IM - how to get module out

I am trying to get the module that holds the flaps in place so I can get them to a fellow member of the forum without damaging the flaps.

I have removed all of the screws that I see. I have tried to pry up, yet it resists. I have knocked around the piece and I have banged a small screwdriver in between the runners that are a part of this insert and it refuses to move.

has anyone successfully removed that piece before or am I trying to do something that can’t be done?

I can destroy the holders and just get the flaps from the top, but I am not sure what someone would need to JB weld flaps in place (just flaps or flaps and holders)?

The car as 200K on it, so this thing might be heat welded in place with all the crap in the IM.

Any advice would be appreciated (now back to trying to knock out my passenger drive shaft that also appears welded to the hub).


If you can provide a picture of what your talking about.

Here you go. I have removed all the screw from both sides (blue arrows) and am trying to lift out the innards so I can drill out the holders.


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Ed I don’t know if you were able to get that section out but on some of the early intakes I have seen they had the bolts come out. So the later versions they epoxied in the section. So you stand a really good chance of breaking the material before you get the actual section out.

If you use a high temp heat gun you can heat up the bonding agent enough to get the section to come out. I have done this several times when needing to do a more in depth epoxy job on the flaps

OK, I will give that a shot. I only need the flaps for the other member. The IM is going to the junk yard. It’s a 2008 MY if that makes any difference.


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Wound up just prying the holders off and then cutting the connections to the holders.

Never got the innards out.