Ripped bumper clean off

I ripped my bumper clean off the core support when removing my car from the car hauler. So, dealer only wants $1,200 for a new one bumper which isn’t a bad deal! If I am forced to get a new one, maybe upgrade the style?

Anyone here in Europe who may be interested helping me source an RS6 bumper cover and help me ship it this way? I would be willing to compensate you for your efforts…

My one broken on same place, both side. First fix done with windshield glue and was perfect until second time it get rip-off on same way.
Now im driving it without those mountings, just front 3 bolts over grill and sides clips. If get over something and it get pull out, just kick it back and its perfect aligned

[RS6 bumper](Gerade bei #eBayKleinanzeigen gefunden. Wie findest du das?

How is your seam / alignment without the main mounting tabs? Look ok? Love to see a pic

Alright I’m gonna give it a shot. Maybe it wont be horrible. Least I’ll be able to enjoy it while source an rs cover one day some way

Just check those mountings brackets that are in good conditions

I replaced the brackets on both sides and the bumper cover mounts on the car very strong and sturdy. Seams are near perfect. Quite surprised. I am pleased and am gonna run it this way as I am sure I’ll screw it up again somehow. After all it is a “bumper”