RMR trans cooler, HX brackets

Wanted to share something I’ve been working on for the S4/S5 guys, namely a transmission cooler kit for the DL501 in addition to brackets to use the RMR cross bar with aftermarket heat exchangers. I’ve been making the trans cooler kit for RS5 owners for a few years now and finally got up off my arse and produced one for the B8 S4 and S5.

A friend let me borrow his S5 for a bit (I gave him my RS5) so I could flush out the kit and take measurements.

One of the big obstacles is the fitting of aftermarket HX’s with the RMR cross bar, which already fits the S4/S5 and is in wide usage. It sits forward a good five inches vs. the OE cross bar. This allows for the trans cooler to fit with larger aftermarket heat exchangers. So I created new brackets which are actually being test fit this weekend. Having them laser cut as well.

Here’s the first few being used for the test fitment. The smaller one is a Merc Racing bracket. I’ve tested the Merc and the PLM and my bracket will work with both.

Here’s a friend’s S5 going through the prototype/fitment phase. This is the same quality kit as the RS5 but with hose lengths and hose ends specific to the S4 and S5.

Can see where the original bracket comes up short!

The RS5 hoses are a tad long and are adjusted for the S4/S5.

I mount everything to the back of the bar with rivet nuts. This makes a super clean installation. For the S4/S5 HX mounting, I’m going to leave that up to the owner as there are just too many different HX kits and sizes. You’ll be able to position the brackets, mark, drill the holes and install the rivet nuts. Takes like 10 minutes and is super easy. You can get a rivet nut tool here: https://amzn.to/324qiHO I use that exact one and I’d recommend going with an M8 rivet nut and bolt.

Latest batch of cross bars off to the powder coaters. I did six, five are still available.

These are the billet one-piece anodized adapters. Allows for a no-cut installation and it bolts right on to the factory trans cooler lines.

The hoses and fittings, all pressure tested using made in the USA components.

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I have four kits available for the S4 if anyone is interested. These have been in production for almost four years now and are quite effective.