roller rocker lever / hydraulic valve lifter cap/washer replaceable?

Slipped up last night. Valve stem seals were on pretty good and even though I thought I was being careful, the 13th seal I slipped and sent this little washer/cap on the valve lifter flying. I have extra valvetrain components on my old engine but I can’t get the bolt out to insert the crank lock pin to remove the chains/heads/etc. (waiting to have someone weld a nut to this bolt head to remove the bolt)

Wondering if this cap/washer is something I can safely replace or not. I don’t see any part # or diagram showing it coming apart. I can slide it back on but it slides off easily because of the bend/damage to it so this makes me think perhaps it is possible to simply replace/press a new cap/washer on. I haven’t been able to find any information on it from other platforms so I guess that makes me think maybe it’s not a doable thing.


oh man… Well the up site is you have great pictures. The down side is I think that’s an interference part fit from what I looked at when I last remember looking at my other set of heads. Given its actual job on the motor I would just work to see if you can swap out your other parts from your old motor.

i was pointed to this part on another site :slight_smile:

but in elsawin part 9 under valvetrain component overview is a hydraulic valve lifter which is supposedly not removable without being damaged and pressed into the roller rocker lever. so i guess machine work on top of the $20 part?

here are links to the old engine i’m replacing (late 07 with 122k miles. the replacement engine is an early '04 with 151k miles and it looks quite a bit better.

Initially thought valve keys were the culprit but they were still in the valve spring seat/cap and the valve stem broke at the valve keys. Adding pics to the album. Valve spring broke in half, stem broke at hat. Piston is stuck sideways in head/combustion chamber and is obvious it destroyed the piston with the contact after falling

'07 S4 BHF - Blown Piston - Teardown - 122K miles

I’ve been very slowly and with a lot of stupid setbacks working on tearing down and cleaning up the ‘new’ engine I picked up (thanks VinnysS4 for taking a look at it, way back when) with 151K miles on it. I’ve just about completely disassembled and cleaned the old heads, will be lapping valves/seats soon and then cleaning/surfacing deck then begin reassembly with full timing kit (had typical single guide failure - was not nearly as bad a crack as the guide on this broken engine it’s replacing) and moving accessories/goodies from old engine to the new, then throw her back in and pray I did everything correctly. That said, I finally tore into the old engine to get a new rocker roller lever to replace one I broke removing the valve stem seals in the ‘replacement’ engine heads.

Some things I noticed:

[]Old engine with 122K miles had a more destroyed accessory guide than the engine with 151K miles
]Old engine (2007) does not have oil deflectors between the bearing caps. The ‘new’ engine from an early 2004 had 2 oil deflectors between bearing caps in the bank 1 head, and one oil deflector in bank 2 head
[]Old engine (2007) bearing cap bolts (T30, use impact or extension, break seal quickly - do not go slowly) came off a lot easier than the 2004 engine which, even with impact type force was twisting t30 bits. I did strip one bolt on each engine but was able to extract with a bolt extractor.
]Old engine (2007) rocker roller levers are a different color and have a slightly different look/design to them than the 2004 engine. I’ll be inspecting closer as I will be hopefully (don’t see why not) using one from the 2007 engine in the replacement 2004 engine.
[]Old engine (2007) has possible scoring on some cylinder walls and the 2004 did not, yet some knock indication (scuffing) on several cylinders
]Valves on old engine (2007) look way worse (dirty) than the valves on the 2004 engine (30K mile difference as well!) - link to the 2004 engine head job: '04 S4 BHF Valve Job @ ~150k miles

Let me know if anyone wants closer/better pictures of anything for comparison or reference purposes.