RPM fluctuations on cold starts when put into gear

Hey guys!
For about a week now my S6 has this really strange issue on cold starts (no not #6 this time lol). The car starts up as usual but when I put it into Reverse or Drive the car acts like it’s not having any MAF readings whatsoever. RPM bounce up and down like a seismic reader and it once has shut itself off. When I add a bit of gaspedal pressure to it the car acts completely normal again. No EPC light or anything.
Any ideas what it could be? Engine or Transmission related

It can be a few things. You can do a throttle body alignment that can help but generally what happens is that in the cold weather the fuel trims set to one value and then with the temp changes your fuel trims can be now out of whack and cause bad cold starts.

You can test to see if it’s a vac leak by unplugging both the MAF units and then doing a cold start to see if that makes it any better.