RS3 is born.

Interesting ad to say the least.

362bhp and 1520kg

Wtf!? That is strange.

wow…that was a lot worse than I thought it’d be ??? ??? ??? :-\

Yeah. That was disturbing. Maybe we aren’t the target demographic cause that was a miss.

I guess they are trying to make the point it’s built to be 1/2 a r8… or if you crush a R8 a RS3 comes out.

Born from the same innovation and engineering

No dad in the waiting room. It appears the RS3 is a bastard.

Definitely strange. For me the creepiest part was the R8 engine wailing to emulate a woman screaming. It sounded horrible.

I wonder if we will look back on this as the jump the shark moment for Audi lol

Weird video…

At least it’s not the worst advertising blunder of the week…Budweiser (which shall now be known as the date rape beer) has that sewn up, maybe for the decade.

Budweiser blunder is hilarious. Wonder if some marketing people lost their jobs.

And I agree with everyone on the RS3 ad - fucking strange.

The wet RS3 made it even more awkward lol.

yeah exactly

they should have smeared some jam and mayonnaise on it :slight_smile:

It should have had a electric cable dragging for a second connected to a box still in the R8.

Budwiser…should be bud no so wiser. Maybe the same people came up with the ideas. Lol.

I was actually watching for the placenta to drop. Oil pan, anyone?

“Born from the same innovation and technology”

But yeah…that was kinda weird.