RS4 oil temps

Interested in some feedback from the RS4 guys in relation to oil temperatures. What’s a typical range that you see in moderate temperatures (say around 70-80 degrees fahrenheit), aggressive street driving.

Internet legend has it that Audi increased the oil temperature on the RS5 specifically for carbon buildup issues, the thought being it’d more thoroughly evaporate the volatiles.

I’ve seen highs in the 220’s which isn’t too hot by any means. I’m wondering if there’s any benefit to lowering the oil temps to around 200 degrees in terms of overall performance and performance consistency, as well as benefits that could be seen through tuning since the engine isn’t running as hot. This is assuming the OEM heat exchangers can keep oil temps down.

I’m running 5K oil change intervals and accept carbon cleaning as part of regular maintenance.


Most RS4s I have seen take little work to get them over the 210 range. Add a little excited driving and your at 220 very quickly. JHM has there oil cooler option and it would be interesting if they bring the same thing out for the RS5. I cant see them not doing this as it just makes sense.

considering all the work the oil does in the fashion of helping with the cams and adjustments it would make good sense to keep the oil changes at 5k. I dont know how often you wrap the motor out to 8500rpm but thats not the best condition for oil either. Thats a lot of stress and friction.

I try to do it daily. If I fail to do that at least once, I feel like I’ve accomplished nothing of any value that day. ;D