RS5 Brakes

Hi everyone. I purchased a 2011 RS5 about 12 months ago. I love the car it is very impressive. At the time the car had 7,000kms on it. I have just had the 12 month service completed with 14,000kms now on the clock. The Audi service centre are telling me I’m up for $3,300 for new brake discs and pads! Now I don’t know whether the previous owner did any track work and maybe he did but the car was extremely clean and like new so have my doubts that much was done. I haven’t put the car on the track myself and with the odd exception drive the car pretty sedately. Is this what other owners are experiencing brake wear wise? The dealers advised me that there are after market brakes but they don’t recommend them and to stick with genuine Audi (what else would they say!). They also say the discs and pads are very soft for high braking performance and that discs and pads normally are replaced together. My question is do I stick with the Audi originals (which would appear to wear out exceedingly quickly) or do I consider a high performance after market option? Any experiences/suggestions greatly appreciated.

Not sure the difference between B8 RS5 and B7 RS4 brakes but my B7 RS4 pads and rotors lasted quite well. Like 60 000 kms well.

Sounds like they’re at it.

I’d seek another opinion or get your head in there and take some photos.

You can also check if there’s a lip on the rotors without even removing a wheel.

Post some pics of the car. Also where are you posting from? Europe or Asia?

I would ask for measurements of the pad and rotor thicknesses. It sounds like the dealer is trying to push for a big sale.

My buddy’s RS5 lasted like 30k miles for the front pads before they were metal to metal and if he had replaced the pads a thousand miles before hand then the rotors could have lasted longer.

Thanks for the feedback. I am posting from Australia. I’ve since had an independant mechanic have a look and he advised that there is 8 to 10mm of pad still left and no need for a change. The dealer claimed 2mm! There is a small lip evident on the front discs. Any thoughts about high performance after market versus genuine Audi discs and pads when the time for a change does come?

I’m running the Girodisc 380mm front kit:

Not sure how easily (or expensive) they would be down there though. But they’ve been great and have survived the beating I’ve been dishing out so far. :slight_smile: