RS5 carbon fiber rear diffuser installation

Did a little video on the best way to install a carbon fiber rear diffuser. Overall it’s very simple, especially if you take the time to clean up the back side of the diffuser, removing any excess epoxy resin. Doing that allows the diffuser to slide on oh so easily. Otherwise it’s an exercise in futility accompanied by a dictionary’s worth of swear words. Enjoy!

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Look at THAT ass! 5/7 review, would recommend.

Hi Michel, this looks really good, a vast improvement on the BalanceIT rear diffuser I returned.
Were you tempted to paint the top lip red to match the OE part, I know I was planning on that but just returned mine when it showed up cracked and just terrible workmanship.

Is there a website for this company for social media distant people like me?

Shooting you a PM.

Remember Beast on Audizine? He owns AskCarbon. I don’t think he has any sort of web page yet, does everything on Instagram. I’ll get him to join here too.

Love this! Looks great. Added to the “to-do” list :slight_smile:

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so I started using nvdautosport. He buys the OEM parts and puts a layer of CF on to of it. Perfect fit and a beautiful CF look. They were the only people that could create a “CF” spoiler that fit perfectly on my RS. My next project was to redo the front lower lip ad the rear valance. The CF lower lip that I have has a fitment issue that bothers the heck out of me.

This was the video that lead me here to join this forum lol. Again quality work in making the efforts to make it fit nicely and the red strips adds a nice touch.

Namvar I understand what you mean with having fitment issues nothing is more disappointing spend a vast amount of money on parts that doesn’t quite fit like the OEM products but that’s the mod life in general so it’s expected.

As for nvdautosport I can vouch for prapan that works there. Prapan @nvdautosport re skinned the grab door pull handles for me in twill carbon weave and the finish was superb. It took about 8-9 weeks in total from placing the order to having the item posted through the door.

Anyways here are the images of the work they did

Is he the guy out of Thailand? That’s the only person Ben (AsherAudi) will use these days (other than Beast of course). I’ve seen his handiwork first hand on Ben’s car and it’s perfect. Has to be otherwise Ben sends it back!

Yeah Michel he is the guy from Thailand. I agree with you too mate on the quality of their work it’s honestly one of the best or I’ll go as far and even say it’s the best I’ve seen. :+1:

And he is extremely professional and responsive. Just shot him an email on the valence yesterday

I noticed the same as I inquired about something and got an answer in less than a day. I was looking at the RS Nav 8.8" setup but the plastic surround is in silver. I inquired about how much it would cost to cover in carbon and unfortunately it came in more than I was willing to spend. Right before all this crap happened, I was about to purchase a bunch of carbon fiber raw material and learn how to do this myself, LOL. Instead, I’m learning how to bake bread :frowning:

$1550 shipped. it would match my Akra tips and the spoiler. But…Ka-ching.