RS5 Engine rebuild

So I’ve just gone and made another impulsive purchase and I can’t really say I’m upset about it. I found an ad for a b8.5 rs5 engine that’s been disassembled. Engine has 55k km on it but needs a crankshaft, front and rear seal, 2 connecting rods, bearings and head gaskets.

The engine’s being delivered on Saturday morning and I’ll be able to access the condition of everything first hand. I have 0 experience doing this but think it’ll make a fun winter project. I’m open to ideas, suggestions and whatever else you guys think of.

Also curious to hear what you guys think an engine like this is worth.

I’ve got to say that’s the way you find them. I’ve got two RS5 engines in my shop that have a damaged Crankshaft Rod journal and the two rods on that journal. One engine is 4/8, the other is 3/7 journals. The 4/8 engine has 99k miles and the 3/7 engine has 25k miles. I’d like to get a crank and rebuild the 25k motor but I ccurrently don’t have the time so it’s just sitting. I haven’t checked into the Rod specs to see if they are interchangeable from cylinder to cylinder.

I bought this without seeing it in person but the seller had a pretty detailed video. I dont know what you’ve paid for yours, but i scooped this up for $2500 CAD.

Given that they’re the same part # I’d like to assume so. I plan on starting this throughout the winter, but I’m dropping the engine in my rs5 to install headers and a lwfw from jhm. The actual car takes priority haha

I’m not close to my engines/shop right now, I’m in Hawaii and my shop is in Washington. But I can probably give you two Rods as I only will need 2 of the 6 good rods out of the other engine. I believe Audi N. America only sells them as a complete set. If you are in Canada maybe they separately sell them there?