RS5 oil change DIY extraction method

Don’t think I can embed a video on this forum but here’s a DIY for oil changes on an RS5 using a Schwaben fluid extractor. So easy this way. Makes me want to change my oil every 3K.

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APE, I have '13 RS5 and will be performing my first oil change, is extraction the only or preferred method? I lifted the car and attempted to remove the under belly plate but then I see rivets on the left and right side of the belly plate.

Yes, there are rivets there. Do not drill them out! They are part of that rather large underbelly panel. If you wish to remove that panel, there are a large selection of metal as well as plastic screws/retainers to remove. It is a rather fiddly job and depending on your climate and (for example) winter driving, some fasteners can be a pain to remove, especially those 3-5 Triple Square bolts toward the back of the panel!

I think Ape does actually explain what screws and bolts need to come off that panel, and their locations, in one of his YouTube videos. It is probably the transmission fluid change video…

Yep, I do have an explanation in the transmission service video but they’re also here in this thread: Full S-Tronic and rear sport differential service (RS5)

RS5Aspirant, if you’d like, send me an email and I’ll send you the factory service manual.

Thank you, APE and dhuddleson, I was finally able to do the oil change but what a pain to take off and reinstall the belly panel especially if one doesn’t have a lift. I will definitely invest in an extractor.

I bought an electrical pump as well. Still, I am thinking about making a hole in the panel – even easier than pumping the oil out. The one benefit of taking the panel off occasionally is get dirt off it.

With a small hole in the panel you can also elect to use a Magnetic drain plug. I know of some big engine builders that use one so they’re not just for show. I do use one in most all of my vehicles and there is always some superfine film of material on them.

Making a hole is not a bad idea but if it’s not designed properly, every time one changes the oil it’ll spill somehow into the panel when the oil gushes out. Also, I’m not an engineer but it may affect the aerodynamic or stability of the car especially during high speed over 120mph when air would channel through the hole in that speed.

I cut out a neat hole so I can drain from the bottom. Not a big deal. Definitely cuts time in draining oil.

After changing the oil and reseting the service interval, the “service due” message is not going away on the dash cluster, I reset service interval twice and it’s not going away, I used the reset button on the wiper handle as well and won’t reset. Appreciate any help and advice.

A Ross-Tech VCDS will reset it for you. Great tool that every RS5 owner should have!

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Yes, probably have to do it with something like Ross Tech Vagcom (VCDS). Your cluster shows you reset the Oil change interval but you have another service that is due it 41 days. I don’t think you can reset the other services from the cluster. There are certain inspections required every 10k or 15k miles. I think it was a Federal Lawsuit that required manufacturers to make it easier for DIY’s to reset their clusters for Oil changes but the fine print of the law said nothing about other manufacturers required inspections.

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