RS5 Part Swap, feeler

Selling my RS5 and people don’t really like mods. So instead let’s meet up and swap my parts for your OEM stuff! Short list of what I have:

Ferrada wheels and tires
034 rear sway bar
H&R front sway bar
ECS solid firewall strut bar
JHM lowering springs
Carbon fiber mirror caps
JHM downpipes+ECS midpipe (factory mufflers, swap entire exhaust)
Maybe RMR transmission cooler if I can get the factory connections back in
Alu Kreuz
Bushing inserts

Probably $10k in stuff there. If you don’t believe it just google all of it.
That’s about all the stuff you can easily swap. Not sure on a price but it’s going to be a good deal if you’re up for it. I will only consider extremely serious people and it will be done in 1 day in person.