Rs6 manifold AGAIN

I know the whole rs6 intake manifold discussion has already been brought up multiple times by multiple different people and that it will lose power down low. However this is all just random ideas cause why not.

But realisticly how difficult would it be to make an adapter plate for the rs6 manifold to mount up to the s6 and go vortech supercharger. I’m not sure how much stock internals and stock block will hold up to, also our transmission im sure wouldn’t be too happy even if the engine holds up.

If considering going with a Vortech, best to just talk to CountVohn since they’re already working on it. I don’t think they’re using the RS6 manifold because it may not make sense, but he may be able to provide you with some insight.

I’m no charging expert by any means but my first thought is that it doesn’t make sense.
Because you’ll have a manifold for a twin turbo setup and I guess you want to go to a single charger?

Random thought for the experts. will the internals of the stock IM hold 5 to 7 lbs of pressure?

There are multiple inlets and outlets like the heater pipes that need to be capped off with something better than rubber grommets. The runner flap sensors are basically press fitted into the IM. Maybe a runner flap delete and some sort of block off plates are needed also…

Using the lambo mani it is a direct bolt on because same 5.2 but sticks out of the hood 10" lol, saw a guy somewhere on youtube who did it. Rs6 mani being 5.0 different heads you’ll need spacers like your saying.

Looking forward to CV and his RnD team on their Vortech SC system. I cant wait! This car deserves to be able to hold it’s own against modern american blown muscle cars

In case you didn’t know…every time a Lamborghini manifold is brought up in an S6 thread, a litter of kittens dies.

Is it really worth it? Please don’t kill kittens.

Looks funny though.
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I’ve seen this a lot but never realized the nitrous on there. Interesting

Well, there goes a bunch of kittens.

I’m allergic to cats. So :man_shrugging:t3:

If you could fab up that lambo mani so it was positioned where the intakes were facing front like a ram air it would kill less kittens. Put a hole in the hood and I’d be game lol

That lambo intake still remains to be the biggest train wreck ever. While I always appreciate something different that is nothing more than more money than common sense.

Thank you, Justin, I was waiting for you to post.
I can’t fight this insanity alone.

So no one thinks that if it had a big butterfly valve intake sticking a foot in the air would be cool?!! Guess I’m on the wrong forum :wink:

Lake, you belong on this forum because you have a good sense of humor AND your smart!


Seems legit … same thing as the lambo stuff

Might just have to find a junkyard a6 hood and start cutting…