S4 is gone, TTS Launch Edition for now





Damn that is a sweet looking ride. Very nice!

Love that interior, this is the same motor in the s3/golf r that was running 11’s on race gas and tune?

I believe so, not 100% sure…no tunes yet and don’t seem to be on the horizon.

Very nice! I love the virtual cockpit… Still surprised Audi is using the old style paddles on these cars… How’s it compare to your S4 in terms of acceleration? That car will be very fast with a tune… It’s 230 lbs lighter than the S3. Do you notice the haledex vs quattro difference? I can feel tq steer on my RS but overall it’s a nice system… Enjoy the car and looking forward to seeing more about it from you…

Looks evil
Heck of a pick up.

Where was the S3 running 11.xx?

Here’s some 1/4 mile threads… The APR one if golf r… Gotta love Toni’s S3 Revo one…lol Also, don’t think the GIAC one is an official dragstrip… I thought I remember seeing a thread tracking times but I can’t find it… I also remember seeing a post where someone ran a high 11 but can’t find it either…





Here’s a new Golf R running 11.5 on pump. Stage 2.


Any S3 11.xx times? I haven’t seen any but that should be on the list.


Some other guy ran 11s also.


Where’d he say pump gas on the 11.5 car?
He had a couple of 108 traps and a couple of 115 traps. Weird.

I also frankly don’t think it’s possible for a 2 litre golf to cut a 1.50 60’ on pump gas.

All these slicks cars…just irrelevant. We need a full on vote on the validity of slicks on our 1/4 mile list.

If it were up to me, you need all seats, the catback, and street tires. No rice shit. But it’s not up to me, it’s up to the forum.

I know the kid. He mentioned somewhere. Gotta check.

1.5 60 ft was done via some computer fiddling to leave traction control enabled with launch control on. He mentioned and showed a video on one of the golf forums. I believe there was also some haldex changes by UM. The S3/Golf R spin a ton even with haldex.

I haven’t gone to full revs with it yet, just under 100 miles so giving it some break in time. Have given it some full throttle from multiple revs below 5k just to hear/feel it, I am impressed. I am a firm believer that an aggressive break in is better than a grandma break in (with in reason, no balls to the wall flooring it), so hopefully I will get there soon to really feel the car.

Suspension and turn in feels tighter but I still am not at a comfort level with it to throw it around like the S4. Haldex so far feels the exact same, I think I will have to really be putting it through its paces to see if there is any noticeable difference to me. Even with the S4 for the rear dif/ quattro to be felt I had to be driving quite aggressively.

The car as a whole feels better put together than my s4, everything feels heavy but balanced (Doors, seats, trunk, etc)…very refined feeling, those Hungarians did a good job here.

Still trying to get my seating position perfect, keep adjusting it all over…not sure if its because I was so used to the S4 but haven’t been able to find that sweet spot.

Exhaust note is money when in dynamic mode, a weird and hard to describe “loud/quite grobble” if that means anything. It sounds powerful but not annoyingly loud yet still pipes out the sound…Ill see if I can get a good recording with the GoPro and external mic soon.

Im a geek and tech guy, the MMI is something else…lots of things to do…almost too much but I think its just my brain getting reprogrammed from the S4 style MMI, kind of like getting a new phone, takes about a week before it feels automatic.

It’s really fantastic looking. Saw one today. Mini R8. Would be cool to see one with fat tires and lowered

Very nice!

pics don’t work on work comp. Great pickup. Love the way they look. I’m actually flying down this weekend to install Integrated Engineering stage 3 kit on my father MK2 TTS. im assuming not much has changed engine wise?

I know it’s the same engine as the s3/ golf r and about 400lbs lighter than the s3 and 300lbs lighter than the golf r…

Should go fast

Never to early to take it to the strip and find out ;D Ran my S4 at the strip with 340 miles on it and the RS with 470 miles on it… No need for a “break in” period really…

350-500 I’m good for, 87 not so much. I’ll take it for work this week so maybe by Thursday night I can get enough on it to take it to the track.

Because I’m lazy right now what are the stock golf r and s3’s running out of the box?