S4 Race Wars is going to the DRAGSTRIP for 2018!

S4 Race Wars is heading to the DRAGSTRIP for 2018!

Start the weekend off right with a relaxing visit to WDR for thier open house Friday June 22nd. Craig will open the doors around 3pm! Go check out his event page for more details!

Come join us at Marion County International Raceway with White Dog Racing in La Rue, OH on June 23rd at 1 pm for 5 hours of private track time. We will have a few classes for Audi S4’s. All makes and models welcome. $80 per car to race, spectators are $5 at the gate. Scroll down for classes. Please have an idea of how fast your car or bike or running shoes will run and be prepared to pass safety requirments. BRING A HELMET!!!

We will be heading East in the evening to North Canton.

On Sunday June 24th, Alpha Motorworks will be hosting us for Caffeine and Gasoline! There will be plenty of exotics and muscle to see both days!

Paypal: S4RaceWars@gmail.com


We will have two payout classes and one test and tune category for this event!

Payout classes -

$25 buy in, winner takes all, no buy backs. Pro Tree, two Q runs with no ET, random round pairing done prior to each round.

1st class - B5 S4 Unlimited - no restrictions

2nd class - B5 S4 Full Weight - Must have full interior, rear seats, etc… no exhaust, no spare, no tool kit OK

Test and tune will be broken up into three groups with their own lanes -

Group 1 - B5 S4 Grudge Racing - for B5 S4’s only, call out your
friends S4 and run them for fun!

Group 2 - Audi Grudge Racing - Open to all Audi’s, grab a lane next to another racer and see whats what!

Group 3 - Open - All other vehicles in attendance to run and call out anyone and everyone

Post up any questions or comments!