S6 C6 O2 Voltage

Chasing down a rich condition and running out of places to look, however no codes on any o2, I suspect might be something causing engine stuck in open loop. Usually the voltage operating range on o2´s is 0-1V, but I was wondering what the operating range is on our beautiful cars are, as mine go quite above 1V, so wondering if they are all toast and not sending codes, or if we have a broader range, like 0-5V or something.

Cheers for any inputs;) Whether its the range itself or just the data from your own BXA:)

I have used O2 sensors I installed and ran for only 3k miles if you need.

Clear the codes on both ECUs. Then wait to see if the 02 sensors pass their test. If they do chances are they’re good as the ECU tests the health of the 02s.

Did you do a smoke test on the full intake track? to see if there is an intake leak causing the rich condition. On average that seems to be the thing

There is no codes, and it says SxBx OK on all of them, so they are probably all good then, never had code on them either. I do suspect a bad injector, which im gonna replace next weekend, aswell as another carbon clean whilst im there, clean plugs, clean injector tips, and check injectors for part# to see its correct while im there. (I do run cleaning additives and injectors are rather new, from dealer on previous ownership, so might be a mistake from them). I have not smoke tested yet, device is too expensive and was scared DYI oil burning would leave residues. But I guess a smoke test is imminent, as I dont see how 1 bad injectors would run all 4 banks rich. Wouldnt vacuum leak cause lean condition tho?

I have no codes on anything engine, its just the plugs got pure dry black within a week for replacements, so suggest rich running.

A smoke test would be the best idea here. I would have to assume doing so will help either way.

Smoketest completed, no leaks. Not sure if im happy or sad with that result:/ If it was leaking I would maybe have finally found the cause of my headaches.

And your still getting a rich condition? Did the test include the PCV lines? That is a common place for leaks

This coming weekend I will replace the injector i suspect is bad, carbon clean whilst im there and then see if it stays rich after that and reevaluate. I injected smoke through the front manifold vacuum line, not 100% if this covers pcv aswell?

Since injectors are one of the weak links this is a good idea. And given all of the work that goes into it and the cleaning should help if not fix the issue.