S6 Clutch Pack bolt-on

I have searched but could not get a definitive answer if the S6 clutch pack is a bolt-on upgrade for the S4/ S5…

So who knows…?

Helpfull info:

What all did you find and conclusion did you come to on this?

The gearbox housings are mostly identical on all. So my thoughts are, when using the:

  • S6 Flex plate
  • S6 Flywheel
  • S6 Clutch Pack
  • S6 Pump

You should be fine, but I only saw my Gen 1.5 on the inside…

But I have downloaded the VAG Service Manuals for the DL501 S6 internals… Which I will post next.

The pdf is interestesting. I see S4/S5 gearbox uses the 030E clutches, RS4/RS5 uses the 030G clutches which looks like the size & quantitiy of the discs is the same. The S6 parts diagrams shows it uses either the 030E (6 friction discs) or 030F (7 friction discs) version depending on year. Looks to be fully mechanically interchangeable but does the Software or Mechatrnoic need to be changed or upgraded? I did just buy the S6 Flex plate to replace the one in my RS5 (known to crack and fail). The S6 flex plate was even used in some 3.0t’s too, but never in the RS5??

The RS5 G Type has a different Oil Pump Gear Sprocket. So we would need to find out if the sprocket can be switched.

I’ve got a high mileage RS5 transmission in my shop that when I find the time I’ll start pulling apart. Also got a low mileage 27k RS5 transmission in a driveable wrecked car that should be arriving next Tuesday. I only really want the engine out of the car but I’m still afraid the car will be in good enough shape (no bent frame, just bolt on stuff) that I’ll want to fix it :slight_smile:

Did you try it out?

I’m pretty sure the S4/S5/S6 has one set of clutch discs which are slightly larger in OD than the RS5. Also the pump gear sprocket is likely different for a reason, namely the redline being substantially higher.

The S6 flex plate was never used in the RS5 but was used with the 3.0 in the S4/S5.

The RS5 clutch assembly is 0B5141030G while the S6 is listed as either 0B5141030E or F.

I didn’t dive too deeply into the PDF yet but thanks for the link!