S6 cost of ownership since 10/2007

I just spend a bundle on repairs. I bought the S6 new and have kept a tally on the costs of ownership. I outsource all the work. I used the dealer when under warranty then mostly switched to a reliable independent mechanic. Aside from non essential costs (JHM upgrades, aftermarket wheels etc). I have spent roughly 30K on repairs/maintenance in 12.5 years which translates to $2400 a year.
Attached is a jpeg(2 pages) of my S6 Audi maintenance spreadsheet. Just putting it out there FYI.

Was it worth it? Oh yeah! You have to pay to play!

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Nice overview and you as first owner have to be a dying breed!
2400$ a year isn’t that bad for a car like this in my opinion…

I agree! And I intend to live a bit longer to keep the breed alive!