S6 cost of ownership since 10/2007

I just spend a bundle on repairs. I bought the S6 new and have kept a tally on the costs of ownership. I outsource all the work. I used the dealer when under warranty then mostly switched to a reliable independent mechanic. Aside from non essential costs (JHM upgrades, aftermarket wheels etc). I have spent roughly 30K on repairs/maintenance in 12.5 years which translates to $2400 a year.
Attached is a jpeg(2 pages) of my S6 Audi maintenance spreadsheet. Just putting it out there FYI.

Was it worth it? Oh yeah! You have to pay to play!

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Nice overview and you as first owner have to be a dying breed!
2400$ a year isn’t that bad for a car like this in my opinion…

I agree! And I intend to live a bit longer to keep the breed alive!

The 4/17 service, when you did the intake manifold. Did you not have the funds to do the plugs at the same time, rather than at a separate time?

I did the same thing, at 73000 miles. The spacer, carbon cleaning, injectors, intake, valve cover gaskets, all at once. Ouch, but man did the car love it.

Cheers for being a good owner, who’s taken great care of the car. How much longer do you plan on owning her. What would the next car be? How does she run now, and how is the trans shifting?

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Thanks for the kind words Revolv0 I was trying to get rid of the CEL light and thats just how it worked out, we replaced potential culprits piece by piece. I plan to keep it a while. I’m too in love with the V10 sound to let it go. I just got the cable from JHM last week that will enable a TCU flash. I’m a Mac guy, not a PC guy so will need to wait till my tech PC cousin has free time tomorrow. I mostly run the car from November to June and its mostly resting in the garage when the weather is nice.

I just did mine last week… the tunes are worth it. How is your first gear in sport mode from a dead stop?

Ever since I did the ECU tune 2 years ago, I had been using the transmission in regular mode from dead stop to first gear. With the increased power, I had a hard time modulating the throttle for a smooth take off on sports mode. Keep in mind that I had the car for 11 years prior so my brain was used to modulating the throttle in sports mode before the ECU tune.

With the TCU tune I just installed today, I have had no issues with first gear in sport mode from a dead stop. It seems to be easier to modulate than before the TCU tune. And when I floor it, it really takes off. The 1’st gear to 2’nd gear shift pushes you back into your seat! Love it!

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