S6 V10 build engine process

Hey there guys! I’m starting this thread to show the progress of building a BXA engine from scratch with 0 miles on it!
Let me know if you’re interested!
Btw: the engine will be for sale!

New engine block, or refurbished?

Sounds like hes taking the block he has and going through a rebuild.

I’d be careful if your putting sleves in it. There are only a few companies that know how to do that correctly on these thin walled aluminum blocks. If they don’t know what they are doing when they put the sleves in the results are cracked cylinder walls that support the sleves or sleves that when the motor has been cycled a few times they drop.

Yes indeed you’re right. It took me 9 months to find a very experienced engine builder here. These guys are working very carefully and are most notably known for their high end VR6 builds. We’re not using some kind of big Darton style sleeves, just standard steel ones. Retaining structural strength of the Block is the main concern here.