S6 V10 engine in a audi a6 c6 body?

Hey guys I was wondering how hard is it to put a engine from a audi s6 2007 into like a a6 body like a 2007 or I mean c6 generation. My s6 is rusting up and I honestly want to get rid of the body but I would like to move the engine into an a6 body since it going cheap around. Is that possible at all? I would assume the chasis is the same and I’d probably have to move some wires or something over and most likely computers as well.

It has already been done in the US, in a A6 C6 Avant. So definitely yes.

Awesome thanks.

From a recent post, A6 hubs apparently wont fit s6 carriers calipers and rotors.

If I took it from the s6 and put it on the a6. It would work right? I mean if I took everything for the wheel and just moved it over.

Almost positive the control arms are identical, you would just need disconnect ball joints, remove the axle, and replace the hub assembly, carrier, caliper, and rotor from the s6. Check the topic “S6 brake fitment issue”.

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Oh yes i saw I have no problem doing that. As for wiring how bad is that?

I would assume wiring and brake hose length is all similar. If you are adding s6 calipers with electronic parking brake to a non electronic brake A6 I could see that being a pain in the ass.

I used to have a a6 2006 v8 and it’s very similar to the s6 so maybe I should look for a v8 a6 for its body. It did have the elecontric parking brakes

Front suspension in S6 is different than in A6. Some of control arms are different, subframe is different, stabiliser is different and so on. Also, every C6 gen A6 has electronic parking brake.
As for the body, front wings are a tiny bit wider than A6s. Firewall is different, as S6 has additional, removable member brace, which A6 does not have.
Overall, the engine will fit, but the safest bet would be taking whole S6 suspension with brakes, hubs etc. The body will be a little less stiff, but it’s not an enormous difference, and you can use some 3rd party solutions for normal A6 firewall member brace.

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