S6 V10 mysterious PCV leak

Hey guys. For a very long time I have issues with a lot of suction and vacuum when pulling the dipstick or the oil cap. It’s almost impossible to do so and the engine almost stalls. Yes I’ve changed the oil separator and checked the hose for cracks which it has none but it won’t get better…is there something I can still try changing? Car has an oil leak from the upper oil sump has that something to do with it?

This car has a lot of suction. The car should almost stumble when you pull the oil fill cap. If you had a leak or issue of some worry you would tend to see more of a fuel trim issue to go with it.

In fact you’re right the fuel trims for bank went up to the 20s to 25s percent while the cap was open. When I closed it again it was around 5ish percent with no misfires. However while it misfired with the cap closed it was also around 5ish.

So I’ve seen something very interesting with the car the past two days. When the car misfires it misfires pretty severely on cylinder 6 with like 128 counts within 15 seconds. But I immediately went to the engine pulled the oil filler cap off of the engine while idling for 2 Seconds, put it back on and the engine stopped misfiring for good. No this wasn’t a one and only time event it always works like that on mine.

I could be wrong, but it sounds like the PCV / oil separator / oil pump.