S6 V10 PCV Check valve

Hey there guys! Does anyone have a partsnumber for the PCV check valve? Not the oil separator but that little valve within the V. Some people say you’ll only get rid of that high suction when you change both the oil separator and the check valve. Is that true? Any advice is appreciated!

The issue is the crank case has a lot of suction and that is a good thing as that helps keep the motor sealed and keeps many oil leaks from being an issue.

I don’t know the part number so sorry on that. But the oil separator is important to make sure there is a proper balance. From time to time the diaphragm rips in the oil separator that can be crap and cause issues. So if I understand what your saying that is kinda true because one being bad can lead to issues with the other. But the check valve is pretty simple so I would think it’s hard to have that be bad

Thanks for the reply Justin! See the issue I have is that once cylinder 6 misfires I’ll open up the oil cap for 2 seconds and it magically stops. Like 0 misfires. As if nothing ever happened. I’m trying to follow this route now but I’m in desperate need of help! What could it be to take a look at?

Ok so the thing that makes sense to me and what I would do is…

Get your vag com. Go to that section in the LTFT see what that is. Have that open in vag com. Make sure you’re in the instant correction section. Then pull the oil filter cap watch the fuel trims. From there that will let you know what the car is seeing.

You can smoke test to also try and see if there are any small leak issues. Generally missfires are going to be an issue on cold start but if you see it beyond that chances are good you have a small leak

Is this a vag com only thing or also doable with VCDS? I did it with block 33 and the trims went up to 25ish or so, but with the cap closed it was around 2,5-5.

Update I took out the oil separator to check if it works properly. Conformation: it does. HOWEVER the oil return hose to the check valve looks like this

now imo this looks like someone mangled around with it because that’s clearly ducttaped.