S8 Brake upgrade

I have been drooling over my Q7s fixed 6 pot front and fixed 4 pot rear brakes.
The D3 S8 has a pitiful floating single rear and 2 piston front.
Rotor diameter is somewhat large on the front, rear is meh. IMO the braking could be improved…and I also have a thing for fixed calipers.

Q7 calipers are cheap. Rear rotors-5mm larger on the S8…wonder if I can just swap the bracket and caliper over?
Front…would require an adapter I assume as I would need to use the Q7 bracket as well…

as you know the car does most of the braking in the front the rears are only used roughly 25%.

That doesn’t mean a new bigger caliper wouldn’t be cool… I would think the offset should be the same not sure on the bracket for the caliper if they are both electronic parking brakes you should be close.

I would first upgrade to stainless steel brake lines and a better brake pad. A lot of times that is really all that you need for better brake performance.

Agreed. Stock brakes are decent actually. If not buy a set of rs6 brakes, steel are sufficient unless you want to ball out with ceramics.

So far most of the guys who have changed the brake lines out have said there is no difference. The brake lines are actually not bad and there only a small section that’s not a hard line.

TBH I want the looks. The braking stock is…ok. Its not tremendous. I think the tires still offer more grip than teh brakes can provide.
But that single piston sliding rear looks like a toy out back. Need some fixed piston meat!
RS6 brakes are $$$$, while you can buy Q7 calipers for arpund 600 all 4. Will probably need to mill up some kind of adapter to run them though.

Wow old thread.

Anyhow, here are what I put on my S6: