S8 Power Steering Pump Failed - is engine out the only option?

Hi all, 07 S8 w/ 108k and the PS Pump has seized up. Fluid in the reservoir was a brown and had a burned smell so it’s my bad for not changing soon enough. Now comes the hard part, everything I can see online says the engine needs to come out, so around $4500 from my Indy.
Questions :

  1. Is engine out the only option?
  2. Is there anyway to drive fluid through the pump to try to get it to ‘unlock’ or is it more likely the impeller or whatever pushes the fluid has self destructed? The pump went all at once, parked the car and on next start it was done…no signs along the way.
  3. If motor does need to come out, what other items should we address while it’s out?

And, just in case…I’m a fairly competent home mechanic (did the carbon clean, manifold rebuild as example) but don’t have a lift/engine hoist…and would really like to find someone who can help with this project and has the skills/tools to enable. I can be the assistant, beer holder, pizza runner and of course would pay a solid rate for your time. Also, timing is very flexible as I have another car to use a daily driver. Text me on 503.803.5706 if interested.

thank you

Many Thanks

S8pdx - Car is in Portland Oregon in case anyone here has done the job and want