Shameless RS5 for sale plug

Mods, delete if you see fit. Cross posting from classifieds.

My for sale ad

I think we all like to see great members and great cars. Getting a members car is a sure fire way to garantee you’ll be getting the right RS5 in good shape.

What are the plans after the sell. Any specific reason for the sale.

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Great question! Just a little bit of downsizing in preparation for a move and house purchase. The good news is I’m moving WAY closer to JHM’s neck of the woods. In a few years I’ll surely be back in a perfect spec low mileage RS5 and be able to build it from the ground up. I learned so much with this car and really haven’t found anything that can compete with what it has to offer. I’ll still be around trying to get JHM to give us good info on the CFSA as they push the platform further.