Shifter out of place?

I posted this on facebook as well. 2014 RS5. JHM STG 2 tune and JHM LWFW.
Going from P to R, it slips past R into N. I can go back up to R and engage without issue. I have to go back up and down a couple times to get it into D. I can drive in reverse. I can drive in first gear. I haven’t tried more than that yet for fear of grenading something. Video below
Shifter issue

I’ve had someone mention the flywheel failing, but I’ve had no odd sounds, no problems starting and everything so far appears to be working. Except I’ve yet to attempt to change gears. If it doesn’t sound like the flywheel, I will take it to Audi on Friday. I’m hoping for something simple…

Thank you

I tried to look at it but I get the message “Request Access”. Do you mean the shifter is sloppy and no detents are really felt for each position? If so, the Shifter assembly can go bad in all of the DSG cars, I saved the one out of my 27K parts car just in case as I know of others who have had there’s go bad and mine in the RS5 isn’t as precise as the one in my S5. Good news is that S4, S5, RS5 are all the same interchangeable units.
If you say you put it cleanly in Reverse but the dash shows it being in Neutral, that is most likely the Drive position sensor in the gearbox itself. There are gear position sensors but it sounds most likely to be the Drive position sensor. First thing you need to do is get your gearbox scanned with Vagcom or at the dealer with ODIS.

Can’t say 100% from the video but it does look like it’s a mechanical failure of the shifting unit there in the car. Looks like there is solid detents as you hear the clicks but it seems to miss engagine now and then and skips to the next notch.

Do you believe it be safe to drive to the dealership? They’re 1 mile from my house. I think it may be the gear sensor module as well. It makes the mose sense. at this point.

Hmmmm, this sucks. What’s mileage and year? How many miles on the flywheel?

My apologies on the SUPER late reply. It ended up being a disconnected shift cable. 2 hours of labor :frowning: My warranty is up in 3 weeks. I need start getting documentation and tools together so I can start working on the car myself.