Shifting points with JHM ECU and TCU tunes

Hey all!

I noticed yesterday that my S6 is upshifting around 6800 in most gears, it seems like it was higher right after the tune was flashed. I am running a stage 1 and the stall control TCU tune.

This past weekend I d/c’d the battery to carbon clean 3 cylinders that were missing, I don’t know if that is related. It has been running great since getting it back together.

Does anyone know how many RPM’s before the tuned V10s shift or what others shift at?

OEM shifting is about 6500 -

The JHM stage 1 ECU / TCU is about 6800 and if the car is really on a move 7000rpm is possible.
The JHM stage 2 ECU / TCU is about 7000 to 7200

From time to time on the stage 1 set up you might see a slightly higher shifting rpm as the Tq converter lockup isn’t always as fast. On the 6800 rpm you might have felt a more snappy shift on some of the other shifts they might have felt slightly softer on the Tq convter lock up.


Awesome, thanks for the info! I’m looking to take it on tail of the dragon soon so am making sure everythings right.

Gotta do upper control arms tomorrow, other than that its about ready to go!

That sounds like a blast.

Justin hit on the head the shifting. The shifting in some cases is on the converter lock up sequence.

The great thing about the JHM offering is that they actually own these cars so they’re able to get long term info and make adjustments if they’re needed. So you know it’s a solid ECU and TCU tune


Thats great and awesome to hear! It has been great to drive since the tune, someday I’ll get some headers and go stage 2 so it’s awesome to hear there will be support for a while :slight_smile:

Did the control arms and got plenty of scratches and bruises while documenting via youtube :laughing: …but for now it’s about ready for the dragon!

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