Shock absorbers help

Hi Guys

So some of you have been helping already on another thread regarding my knocking issues.

It turns out it’s my shock absorber

It seems silly money to go with genuine Audi replacement so I’m looking for an alternative.

I see alot of people talk of the B16 Bilstein but they are really out of my budget.

I keep seeing Koni do a good kit but unable to confirm if they do it for my car.

I am presuming the B8 RS4 shocks are the same as the RS5 as every other part is.

What do people recommend, ideally I just need fronts but see everyone does as full kits

Not much activity on here lately but thought I would update. I’ve decided to purchase the Koni kit from Steve @ CRS Performance

This will remove DRC issues but not give me the stiffness of coilovers.

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Keep us posted. It will be interesting to see your thoughts after the switch

Will do, just trying to find someone that can fit them asap.

If any mechanics on here near Milton Keynes United Kingdom I have cash to pay someone to fit these :rofl:

They just arrived :grin: sorry I’m like a kid at Christmas when comes to new parts :rofl:

They are been fitted tomorrow :grin:

I’ll give it a drive over weekend and give some feedback.

Anyone not wanting to go coilovers or spend ££££s on DRC this is the way to go. Just under £1000 for the kit

All fitted now. Must admit I love them. Nicer drive than before. No DRC means sports mode is now useable too. I’m on standard springs so not lowered but I’d say I found the perfect middle balance without having the coilover stiffness but also no more DRC issues :grin: