Simple Pleasures

2004 Audi S4

2008 Audi S6


Great stuff! Did you just rattle can the intakes?

The S6 yes because of circumstance, the S4 valve covers and manifold were painted with Eastwood Platinum rust encapsulator. The manifold was then top coated with Eastwood gloss black chassis paint all by brush. The brake calipers were painted the same way.

I am very curious if anyone else has ever found what seems to be a factory machining defect on the filler port threads for the center torsen differential where it looks like the machining bit went to deep and just slightly cut into the threads.

Also for carbon cleaning, this stuff, undiluted, a toothbrush, 11 bucks, works 100x better than brakleen. Thank me later.

I will! I have a scuzzy v10 I plan on carbon cleaning next month.

Super nice. I have the same combo, '04 S4 and 08 S6.

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Love all the photos!

Iā€™m SLOWLY working my way through the engine rebuild of my 2004 S4 Cabrio.