Single Turbo A4

Testing 2nd gear

Sounded violent after 4700 rpm.

Post something more I teresti g. Slap a pbox on it. Film Te speed as you rip through the gears. Show us some high faw. Don’t flop out with half a pull of half a gear!

FAW always know we would love to have members post personal Audi videos on the site. We would love to have you host that and any others here.

I tried to do it here, but couldn’t figure out how. Please inform me on how to do do it. I am trying to to make it to Florida next week. I hope to do a pass while I’m there before my clutch is completely gone. Thanks. Also is there a way I can link it to YouTube if I host it here? I am computer illiterate. Thanks.

Don’t worry too much about a heroic launch if you’re worried about your clutch. The trap speed will tell the story.

I don’t think that there is much of a story to tell. I ran 14’s twice in the past with this car accompanied by all sorts of problems. Most of them are now fixed, excluding the clutch problem. I would rather race another car than to track my car. As for telling a story, I am not anticipating anything better than a 13 sec pass if I make it to a track next week. Whenever I can afford a twin disc clutch, I will be trying to do an 12 sec pass. Please keep in mind that this car was built in my backyard by a non certified mechanic.

I just wanted to build something different and unique. Running. It on the track was the last thing on my mind. I just wanted it to be able to make k04 power while I was building it.

That’s the point of making the pass. See where your unique home brew puts you in the world. It’ll be fun. Watching 11 sec passes is fun. But so is watching 14 sec passes in a car someone has built.

Our perception is somewhat skewed on here as most cars are 12/13 sec. Bear in mind 14 sec is still faster than a 2011 GTI.

But obviously don’t break your car to do it.