Single Turbo Audi A4

Its been over 3 years and its still running;topic=1474.0;attach=358;image

FAW this is really different. I have to say, a much different way to do it. I know this has been talked about for a while, great to see it. Can you host the pictures somewhere where you can see them in a bigger resolution?

Million dollar question, I might as well ask it. When are you going to get this monster back to the track and do you have any footage now?

I am indeed impressed, a much different way to go about it.

My S4 has two turbos and is still running 12 years after it was manufactured. Lol…

Get some vids!!

How are you?
I’m just shedding light on the fact that my 14 sec is car is probably the 3rd single Turbo car ever built in the US and it is still running and drivable. It is still intact despite it appearance. A few others have been built, but are know where to be found. Either the car was dismantled because it was a flop, or it was put to death by it’s owner. For example; a persons well built and running single Turbo gets into an accident, then the owner takes it apart and builds another with a different Turbo and a whole different approach. It was obvious the car was not living up to expectations, so the owner put it to sleep.

My baby is still running and it is not a copy of anyone’s setup. It is unique in it’s own way, unlike the repetitious amount of un creative single Turbo setups that are flooding the community, with the exception of I believe Rockcandy’s and British Turbo’s builds on Flopzine.

What kind of vids do you speak of?

Start at a lowish speed… 30-40…and run up to a higher speed beyond 100 while filming the speedo.

Finally backing off of the false “I was the first single turbo” and “I invented this” claims eh.

Thanks. Thank you and I don’t have any footage as of yet. I took it to the track last year four times and arrived too late every time. I still have my rain check pass from the last time I got there too late.

I wouldn’t call my car a monster, but thanks.(monster drinks are much more potent) I am trying to make one pass at the track hopefully within the next two weeks. Don’t expect much as I don’t plan to launch do to clutch slippage issues . My goal is to just do better than my last 14 sec pass for the moment.

Even just rolling it out and getting some trap speeds would be good - it will be very interesting!