So about that downpipe...

That is a picture that I found Facebook and that downpipe is huge. I am going to guess somewhere around 4-5" OD. Probably a good guess that just gutting the stock cats would be more than enough. Still interested to see what the catback size is though. If this is anything like the B8/8.5 though then there probably is not much more power to be made from an aftermarket exhaust.

EDIT: Had to correct my autocorrect.

Side notes.

PCV looks easy to replace but damn getting to the spark plugs will suck!

Look off the back of the dp just before it turns down you can see it looks like it breaks off and goes back to both the driver and passenger side

Great pic Jimmy. Always neat to see this new stuff

True, there isn’t enough room to run that big of a pipe all the way back. This isn’t a truck after all.

No kidding.

The plugs suck to change on these top mount turbo cars. I’d love to see how the dealership says to change them but my thinking is they are told they don’t need to be changed till after the warranty is up lol

The 4.0TT spark plug replacement interval is at like 35K then every 40K after that. I had a few local guys ask me about replacing spark plugs on RS7s/S6s and I told them to go buy Audi Care, wait a week, and then take it in for the dealership techs to do it because I didn’t want to deal with that headache. It seriously looks like an eight to ten hour job on a 4.0TT!

Yikes, that sounds terrible Jimmy. Plus one for audicare.

Some more pics from the other forum that a member posted.

Good info: