So back from the dragstrip with some tune only passes

Took my 2019 RS5 coupe to the dragstrip to get some tune only passes today…

APR 100 tune, 680 miles on it, 3/8 - 1/4 tank of Sunoco GT260… DA was 2,092 per dragtimes, my weather station once again showed slightly higher… So decent DA but certainly not great… 1&elevation=1230&track=58&month=009&day=005&year=2 020&time=09/05/2020%2012:00:00

Run 1 - Got there and let the car cool down for 45 minutes and then as soon as they called us I went right into the staging lanes and was first in line. All nannies off, dynamic mode and let the car shift itself. APR was kind enough to give me the tune with LC, and I had practiced a few times on the street but probably not enough. I reved the car to 3K and built boost and launched really close to peak boost, and got a tiny bit of spin which is why the 60 was 1.60 as my other 2 passes had better 60’s. Car ran great and shifted flawlessly and I knew it was a decent time… Drove around and got the slip…

1.6000 60ft
4.6406 330ft
7.1860 1/8 mile
95.82 1/8 mph
9.3731 1000 foot et
11.2395 1/4 time
120.87 mph

Made two more passes an 11.27 at 120.87(same exact mph! lol) and a 11.56 at 119.29 but with a 1.5750 60ft, unfortunately someone before me left some oil on the track so the car got a little squirrely at the 330 mark and I had to let off to keep it straight. Sucks because I think that was going to be a 11.1x pass but at least I didn’t hit the wall… I also launched with about 1/2 boost on the gauge which I think may be the sweet spot with stock tires. Also, interesting thing is I triggered the tpms when I got squirrely. Checked all the tires and they were at 38 so I reset it and all appears well so that was kind of interesting… lol

Overall, very happy with the tune as APR once again has done a great job, it works great and is a hoot on the street. I know the car has another tenth or so in it with a perfect launch and probably another tenth with better DA so 10’s on this tune alone is possible but around me killer DA’s are going to require cold temps so launching w/o spin may be a challenge… Guess we’ll find out as the fall comes through…

Will probably have APR flash the 104 file and make some passes on that, I won’t keep the car on that tune as I like driving it too much and don’t want to pour pails all the time. lol I like the 100 tune to get the extra power but still be able to buy pump gas since a couple stations sell it locally at the pump which makes it convenient. Also, will be testing the APR intake hopefully soon!


Congrats on the new car! Great to see you around here. That thing really pulls hard. Excited to see you break into the 10s soon.

Curious if you monitor your oil temps. I’ve heard they run extremely high in the B9’s. I think MTM and one other company makes a very expensive oil cooler upgrade. I have a friend locally that has apparently seen 300F oil temps on-track (road course).