So I made the mistake of taking an extensive test drive of a new R8…

It was a standard V10. Pretty impressed to say the least… Drove it for 30ish minutes, unfortunately it was at 5-530pm so a decent amount of traffic. I did a few passes on the highway, some city driving and some sitting in traffic along with a couple on ramps. Very compliant and comfortable car, yet handles so well… Few thoughts…

Acceleration - Pretty impressive. Did several slow roll pulls, a semi launch, and couple 50-130+ pulls… From a roll as long as you’re in the right gear it hits hard and pulls and pulls and pulls hard. I’m used to low 7K redlines in my cars, so I shortshifted a few times. Lol I can’t wait to feel the better gearing in the plus… Still very happy with how it performed, it’s a very low 11 / high 10 second car. I can see the + running 10.6 for sure… From a dig and I didn’t use launch control it’s probably right there with my S4 till 40-50 and then would just walk it…

Handling - Limited opportunity here but it ate the on ramps under fairly hard acceleration… Felt more rear wheel drive bias but the mid engine layout is not something I’m used to either…

Interior - very nice interior but honestly I was a little underwhelmed. Seats were great and loved the feel. Didn’t like the gray color the car had. The matte/dull CF doesn’t do it for me but it’s preference. I do like the virtual cockpit… Didn’t even turn on the radio! lol

Ride - Car was very comfortable over bumps and on average roads while handling like a champ. It would be easy to daily this car… Drove mostly in dynamic. Steering was very tight, compliant and just felt precise, was very impressed. Very Porsche like!

Looks - I love it. I didn’t like the silver “blades”… The ara blue was nice but I will go yellow, black, or red especially with a sepang TTRS already. Love the more angular look of the car and I don’t think the front looks bad like most others. We got a ton of looks, several thumbs up, and a dude wanting to talk at a light so the car does somewhat stand out, which I don’t really like but whatever…

Basically, trying to decide if I holdout for the V6TT or order a v10 or v10+. I’ve reached out to APR to see if they will be offering a tune on the v10 to take it to the power levels of the plus as if they do I’ll save the 29K and get the V10 as I could care less about the cf mirrors and other bits or the ceramic brakes. Gearing is a little taller from 3-7 on the v10 but I can live with it. Waiting to see what kind of discount the dealer is willing to give me on a ordered car and will go from there…

V10 build:
V10+ build:

Few pics… You can see my macan turbo in the background on the last one… lol

V10 all the way. The V6TT is just an entry level crowd pleaser. As for tunes, I think we all know who the master of NA tuning is :wink: skip APR

If you get it which I recommend get a JHM tune by apr :wink:

But yes get it. I’m on the fence between a 6 speed and s or r tronic…leaning 6 speed for a bigger difference vs my precious s6/s8 wh auto though

Bango, Yeah after driving it I’m leaning towards getting the v10, even at the extra 30-60K… It just sounds so so nice! Plus big motor’s are becoming a thing of the past and I’d like to give the N/A thing a try… I actually entered the lottery or whatever you want to call it for the Ford GT… I highly doubt I’ll get one but the fellow at work in the office next to me is our fleet Director and we use all Ford vehicles to the tune of 7,000+ leases so that may help as it was part of the questionnaire and he made some calls for me… I’d love to go JHM but APR’s been good to me and I won’t want to wait, maybe I can pay CV to come see me ;D lol

vtgt, No more 6-speed for the R8 just s-tronic and it’s programmed very well… I’ll keep the TTRS since it’s so limited and it’s currently my only 6-speed car and I need my fill every once in a while…

Yes on CV for tune and I’m a NA whore. Id rather have a big motor and supercharger all day long especially the big centrifugal supercharger that vortech has now.

A turbo is fun at times but for me turbo lag and the sounds never did it for me. I’m on the hunt for my third v10 in a row and the 4.8 dfi in the cayenne GTS which is now discountiued for a similar motor in your macan will never leave the garage :slight_smile:

Plus a 5.2 all motor, supercharged, or even turbo charged > than any v6 ;/)

I’d get a 2 year old v10 for v8/v6tt money. These cars are generally like new. Take that 30,000 off there and you’re laughing. Just make sure it’s a dsg one.

That’s what I recommended to a friend who just bought one.

The new one is different but the same. Not too radically different from what made the R8 great.

Cool cars all around. The new ones are mental. The early v10 were really disappointing performance wide but once they stopped holding it back, and then put the dsg in its lights out. World class.

I’ve never been disappointed in any v10 in any car, that’s said each refresh did wonders for the car. I’d still take a 09-10 in E-gear aka r tronic or 6 speed manual all day :wink:

If you get the V10 will the TTRS get the boot?

Thanks for the informative review Prime, as this is the only car I would consider going to since nothing else really appeals to that Audi makes right now (hopefully they build that r6 on the cayman platform)

I agree Saki for a used dsg v10. I bet they can be found for 100k now