Soo I've been booted to this section

Because I’m not in the Audi club anymore…

I sold my JHM Stage 3 B7 A4…

…and picked up a new 2016 MK7 GTI DSG!


Car looks great, Jake! Any modding plans?

Haha thanks!

Got some super sweet paddle extensions coming which is totally going to help me shift faster.

Haven’t decided if I am going to lower it yet, although I always end up doing so.

After I break in the engine, I am going to either do APR Stage 1 + DSG software, or just go straight to stage 2 with a downpipe.

After that if I get bored of that power I will do the IS38 (Golf R/S3 Turbo).

Got some custom license plates come too

Awesome! The MK7 is a great car, so much more refined than the MK6. Like going from B6/7 to B8.

Cobb just introduced tuning for the MK6 and they have plans of getting into the MK7 platform next. Their tunes are open source and they make more power than APR. Plus all you have to do is buy it once and then you never have to pay for another tune whereas with APR if you want to go to the next stage you have to pay.


Yeah so far I love it!!

We had a MK6 custom come into the shop wanting to switch back to APR after getting COBB.

You also only get the base maps for free, if you want a “pro tune” you have to pay that shop to tune your car, so you will end up being more expensive.

Chyea! It was a debate between the MK6R and the MK7 GTI and I got a killer deal on a new one soo…

Just busting balls. I’ve been tempted by some crazy trade-in deals but none of the dealership’s can get me a manual R so far. I’ll go MehK7R at some point or RS4 cab.

Really? I sat in three of them over the last month at different dealerships!

I don’t know how hard they are trying. I’m looking to take advantage of the loyalty trade in stuff and its capping out at $35k. I keep telling them I’ll up my payment to get into an R again but no luck so far.

Get some spacers on there mothertucker.

Wow a brand new car. Will be interesting to see how you like it.

Yeah, the Rs are selling very well right now when I was speaking to my dealer. They have a hard time keeping them on the lot so I can understand why they aren’t trying hard to make a deal.

I got my GTI from 28k down to 22k

They are scheduled to be delivered today actually!

So far I really like it. I was really nervous going into it, but I am glad I did.

15mm front spacers and 20mm rear spacers. It should flush it up

Nice! I love the mk7!


Interesting switch.

Let us know how you feel after you have it for a few days. I’d imagine there is a big difference between the stage 3 A4 and the new stock GTI. Seems the GTI is able to take advantage of not being AWD and getting some very impressive results with simple mods

Grats on the new ride Jake! They are very fun to drive. My brother had a MT mk6 gti until someone moron rear ended him and totaled it :frowning: He’s considering a mk7 replacement or the mk6 R.

Like justin said, let us know your thoughts after some seat time


So after only 200 miles of seat time, here are my current thoughts.

Comfort - Hands down much better. This is a modern cars so that is an obvious. The B7 interior was designed in 2002 for the B6 so it was pretty dated. The new gadgets, blue tooth, built in boost, coolant temp, oil temp, Gs, and KWs gauges are pretty sweet. Back up camera etc… all sorts of tech the B7 A4 didn’t have (not to mention the RNS-E int he B7 was a pain).

Performance- Still doing the engine break in, but I have gone WOT a few times and it feels like a tune+exhaust b7 A4. Not bad for stock. What I am most excited about is stage 2 guys are already in the 11s with just a software, downpipe, intake, and intercooler. (slicks/radials of course) and trapping 112-114mph. IS38 upgrade guys (basically the k04 for the MQB) are trapping 117 etc… No extra fueling modifications needed.

Handling- I was really nervous about going FWD, but so far I am very impressed. no torque steer and this thing is VERY nimble. It inspires much more confidence when driving aggressively as compared to the B7.

So far my only annoyance is the fuel gauge. it’s literally twice as big a the B7 gauge (almost makes a full circle empty to full). So you go down 1/8th of a tank and it looks like you have sucked down a 1/4 tank lol. I will get used to it, but it doesn’t feel good watching that needle move so fast. Brings me back to my Camaro days.

Y’all should put together a FMIC kit off your car… can test Mk6 fitment on my car