SQ5 vs Macan S vs GLE 450

In the market to get my wife an



SQ5, Macan S, or GLE 450 AMG.

We have driven the Q5 3.0T and SQ5 deciding there is so much value you get for the money in the SQ5. Interior is gorgeous (even though Audi hasnt changed it in 10 years), brakes, exhaust, and tune warrant the premium in price tag.

Will be checking out the Macan S and GLE 450 soon, but I have a feeling I will be sticking with Audi as out goal is to get a stylish and safe SUV for her work (interior designer with high end clientele) and future children. The Macan S has more safety features (lane assist, brake assist) but to option it like a SQ5 will cost much more.

What do you guys think? Appreciate your input(s) and advice(s)

Macan S if you like the sq5

I like the sq5 more so the diesel in Europe. The supercharged 6 is nice but will be behind the times as I’m sure he next one will have the s4 and or detuned macan motor ,

SQ5 - great blend of performance and practicality. Faster in a straight line than the Macan S, much more interior space, though won’t handle as well or arguably look as good.

GLE - I find the interior to be really “busy” visually, but I may be in the minority.

What about the GLC?

The GLC is more appropriate to compare to the Q5. Maybe that’s what he meant. The E is an extra $10,000-20,000

Are you sure it’s faster? Not sure about straight away, but I bet everywhere else th macan s is faster. More rwd bias, larger tires, pdk vs 8 speed.

I like the sq5 but I wink don’t choose it over a macan s, with that said I would pick a sq7 over a cayenne just for the power plant. Now if you offered the sq7 in the cayenne body that would probably be perfect for me. Although the extra q7 space and supple interior is nice.

I love Audi and Porsche, but if you drive the two side by side I pick the macan s every time. I’d pick a macan turbo every time or wait for the macan gts and get one year old cpo.

That’s right, and what i have learned as well. The GLC seems like an fugly Q5, however the GLC coupe looks great in our opinion

I did mean the GLE even though it is in a different class (more like the Q7, Cayenne), only checking it as it seemed sweet.

There was a test done with the SQ5 fitted with winters running 0-60 4.4sec out of the box, for sure the macan S is a bit longer, wider, lighter so overall performance should win as you mentioned. I think the Macan’s ride height may put it below the SQ5 for us. Planning on driving one this weekend.

Thanks all for your feedback

This is worth reading, if you haven’t seen it:


Nice review. All the cars have pros and cons. So do you want the typical Audi pros and cons and feel or porsche? I was surprised at what a hooligan the Mercedes was, cool car! I think if you need more cargo and you factor in price the sq5 wins. If price doesn’t matter and you have more rwd bias more fun Albeit some turbo lag go with the macan, if you want a little while amg experience and something that you probably won’t see much at all on the road like it, get the gla

Good luck and let us know what you decide. If it’s me and ultimate cargo does not matter get a 1 year old macan turbo for 70ishk

I thought the two things were particularly interesting in this test:

  1. that we SQ5 is actually lighter than the Macan Turbo despite the SQ5’s larger overall footprint
  2. that the SQ5 is basically just as quick in a straight line as the Macan Turbo

The dramatically lower price point is icing on the cake.

Sounds about right, except for its almost as quick as a macan s, a turbo is stroked and 60 more HP. We need prime to pipe in here for his feedback.

I’d like to see how the macan GTS performs ideally it’s the most fun :slight_smile: not sure on pricing though

Check the test again - the Macan tested WAS a turbo, not an S.

Oh wow! You are right. Sounds like it is faster and the gap becomes larger after more than 60 mph.

I’ve seen times lips of mid 12 stock, what’s the best y’all have seen for stock or eve tuned sq5. Wish we had the diesel version here…where is my sq7!

It is a good thoroguh review that I have read that before, but reading it again some more things stand out this time.

The SQ5 really is under rated from the factory as compared to the Macan S, but are any of us really surprised as we have all known this for many years in the S4s.

After testing out the Macan this weekend the SQ5 really is so much bang for your buck. The salesman tried his hardest to sell us his custom red, turd double brown shaded interior, classic 5 spoke two toned wheel, $82000 Macan S! We played along just so we could test the car out, and as he was talking it up and stated the price I asked him if the turbo was accidentally deleted, or if they confused the price of it with a turbo. He went on about all the “exclusive” options it had…Then I told him we just drove the SQ5 and were deciding between that and the Porsche, “so sell me the Porsche” His only response was why buy an Audi when you can have a Porsche? lol!

To option the Macan S similarly to the SQ5 we are in $8k more ($3300 for wheel upgrade vs the $800 on the Audi).

The Macan felt a bit cheap, less attention to detail during production, whereas the SQ5 felt built NOT being a “mass produced” car. Some of the biggest things for us was that:

  1. Macan’s gas pedal delay (even in dynamic) was really bad as compared to the SQ5.
  2. Macan’s turbo lag sucked4. , and combine was that gas pedal delay it was just fuckin annoying.
  3. Macan’s PDK transmission was so much faster as compared to the SQ5’s standard 8 speed coming from the Q5 (only with a more aggressive calibration)
  4. Macan felt smaller, handled better even though it is a larger car, SQ5s size definitely felt larger at higher speeds
  5. Macan’s aesthetic exterior appearance was nicer if optioned properly, not to say the SQ5 was not (this is subjective)

In the end I dont think the exterior appearance, PDK, and additional 8k justify’s the “Porsche” brand. The salesman knew after I brought up all these irrefutable arguments during the drive, bitching about the gas pedal delay and turbo lag he had no chance at making a deal. So once we parked he took the keys claiming it was too hot outside, threw his business card at us and left. I have never, ever experienced that while shopping for a car.

Even better…guess what car he drove…Audi A4!!! LOL, but claimed he has a Macan GTS “on order”. Porsche is robbing everyone on that GTS…paying 15k for a tune ??? ??? ???

Great review thanks for taking the time to post that.

Macan has the looks and the at-the-limit handling edge, but who drives even a “performance” SUV at the edge?

Like the review said, the SQ5 is the most well-rounded screaming deal in this market niche.

The Macan GTS comes standard with a whole bunch of stuff that is optional on the Macan and Macan S. I also think it might have ceramic brakes? Is that possible?

I agree pricing wise it’s the best value. Similar to the s6 vs m5 debate. Or rs7 vs panamera turbo

I often ask this. To that end, why buy a supercharged V6 SUV? Get a 2.0T. Or a TDI. It’s a cruiser.

Of course, its been ages since I contributed anything

The ceramic brakes are actually optional on all 3 models - http://www.porsche.com/all/comparemodels/CompareNew.aspx?pool=usa&language=none&model1=95BAB1_250&model2=95BAS1_250&model3=95BAF1_250&compTab=3
Only the air suspension is the standard option difference between GTS and S

  1. Because I will be driving it often ;D, as when I drive the current Mazda 3 it only pisses me off every time. We will keep it stock, not planning on stage 2+ or anything like that
  2. Q5s are everywhere in SLC, and she needs to stand out from the crowd as a interior designer. A black optic SQ5 should do the trick
  3. SQ5 actually has some forged internals over the standard Q5 3.0T

Really is an amazing deal for what you get out of the box