SQ5 vs Macan S vs GLE 450

In the market to get my wife an



SQ5, Macan S, or GLE 450 AMG.

We have driven the Q5 3.0T and SQ5 deciding there is so much value you get for the money in the SQ5. Interior is gorgeous (even though Audi hasnt changed it in 10 years), brakes, exhaust, and tune warrant the premium in price tag.

Will be checking out the Macan S and GLE 450 soon, but I have a feeling I will be sticking with Audi as out goal is to get a stylish and safe SUV for her work (interior designer with high end clientele) and future children. The Macan S has more safety features (lane assist, brake assist) but to option it like a SQ5 will cost much more.

What do you guys think? Appreciate your input(s) and advice(s)