Starting 5.2 without AC freon


after a long time with engine out for head gasket job I wanted to start the car tomorrow for the first time, and I was wondering how long can it run without charged AC system. Any info? Thanks

As long you wanna, if there is no pressure in system AC Compressor will be turn off. I had leak on AC system and it didnt wanna start AC compressor, after switch on it get turn off immediately due low system pressureand i drive it like that for some long time until decided to replace condenser, as there was no any visible leak with uv light

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If it’s the belt run compressor the clutch will not engage due to low pressure. If it’s the later direct drive compressor with the shaft from the back I wouldn’t run it for more than a few minutes. If they system has been opened you can alway dump a few ounces of compressor oil in and just dump a 12oz can of freon in to help the oil flow through the system and to keep things lubricated.

I think all audis above starting from B6, C6, D3 are not equipped with magnetic clutch even when ran by belt. Also, freon cans in my country are illegal to be sold to individuals, only companies.

We can basically go to the auto parts store and by AC recharge cans.

Unless you live in WA state as of 1 April 2023. The wonderful govenor is saving the world one can at a time. You just have to find a friend that lives in OR or ID and have them pick you up a case of it. He also just instituted another gas tax raise so WA can be #1 in something, highest gas tax in the nation.

I’m not from the US, I’m from Poland

:man_shrugging:t2: i run my for about couple weeks as it was not too hot outside so i didnt need ac.

Yes, our one dont have clutch, it have valve, but again that valve is open and compressor is not building pressure. If system get empty from freon, shouldn’t there still remain some oil in that side of system?

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