Steering Control Module

I was wondering if anyone knows where the steering control module is located? I have to replace mine and already have the part. I’ve heard its under the drivers seat carpet and some have said its under the passenger side carpet.

I had a steering control module error a while back and yes, I believe it’s under the driver’s seat. Ultimately, it turned out to be a matter of clearing codes in other components, in the right order, and the steering control module error went away.

Can you explain what led to the conclusion your module had to be replaced? I know they’re not cheap!

That is the error that I’m getting off the fault codes. The steering wheel light is illuminated and the car has very tight steering. I spoke to an Audi tech and he said that it sounds like the car need a new steering rack. Any ideas?

It can be a bad module somewhere and not necessarily the entire rack. Dealerships don’t employ many, if any, real mechanics any longer, just techs, and their modus operandi is to just replace entire units at more expense to the end user.

I’d get a scan and see what codes are being thrown. It absolutely could be the steering rack, I’ve seen it happen before. But get the codes first and go from there.

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