Subscribe button is where?

I can’t find out how to subscribe to a thread for changes/updates/replies.

Using FireFox in Windows.

Thanks guys

I looked here:

In the picture shown near the bottom of that link, it shows that at the top of the thread, there are buttons labelled as Reply, Notify Of Replies, Mark Unread, Send This Topic, and Print. Near the bottom of the written area of the link, it quotes “The Notify button enables registered members to subscribe to email notification of replies to the topic.”, however, at the top of any thread, I don’t have this Notify button for some reason. The other buttons are there though.

Please help

In your profile there should be an option for email updates. You get updated when posts are made in your post. you technically don’t need to subscribe to any thread

Hmmm… in my “Notifications and Email” settings under “Modify Profile”, it has these boxes ticked:

“Receive forum announcements and important notifications by email.”
“Receive reply notification only for the first unread reply.”
“Turn notification on when you post or reply to a topic.”

And they have been ticked for like two or three years, but no email notifications either. I even checked my junk mail. Nothing from AudiRevolution even in junk mail folder, but a couple of junk emails from “Male Solution” that say they have an ancient Aztec secret to make me rock hard lol.

Hey Justin, is “Notify Of Replies” a button that you can see?

Maybe something is wrong with my account. Maybe I should email the guy named God on here and see if he can help.