Supercharger Oil report @ 78k

Figured I’d cross post this from A z

Oil was at 78k.

Incase you missed my carbon buildup thread here is what the oil looked like. It would be super cool if other people could start sending their oil off so we can build a good baseline. Cheers!

Great job to cross post this. This is a very good idea for everyone to look into now with guys spinning the blowers faster and faster you need a good oil that is able to start up the the abuse. Since I dont think these blowers can be rebuilt it might be a good idea to make sure the oil is in good condition

Since we don’t have a lot of information to go off of then I think that it would be a good idea to send then a sample of the new fluid just as a reference.

I just reached out to them, I’ll pony up the cost if they don’t already have a baseline.

Great thread. Any DIY or photo on location of drain plug, suggested fill oil?

Drain/Fill plug is a small allen head on the front cover to the right of the pulley.

Here is the oil.

There is no DIY out there just some recommendations. I changed mine when I was doing the carbon cleaning. According to everything I’ve read its best to do when the oil is hot. You can get most of it out from the front cover but the oil gets stuck in the ribs going along underneath the SC so that’s not going to get all of it. However if the fluid is warm and the car is on a tilt with the rear raised I believe you could get the majority of it this way.

With it out of the engine I rocked the entire assembly back and forth and moved it around (its somewhat heavy so this gets tiring) At every angle another pocket of oil would drip out, I caught all that I could in a large dish then measured what I had taken out. New oil is a very light yellow color so I automatically knew mine was in pretty bad shape.

FYI just heard back from them and will be shipping out a sample of untainted oil.

Thread kind of died a couple of years ago. Shadycrew31, if you’re still here, whatever became of your oil analysis? Just changed mine at 55k miles and it looked pretty dirty.

I actually never sent the baseline in, I think Blackstone still has everything on file. I traded the car in due to DSG issues that popped up. The original analysis link is in my original post, if you cant access it reply here and let me know I’ll re-upload it.

It would be interesting to see what the content is. I have small visual data on oil changes from the supercharger but its just visual.

From what I have seen you can run the oem supercharger on oem boost for like 150,000 miles and it looks like you would expect. But once you start to double pulley the supercharger up it should probably be changed closer to every 10k or so. I don’t know how helpful that is but just from what I saw