Suspension settings for AWD drag racing

For those of you with adjustable suspension, what front/rear compression, rebound and even height settings have worked for you? Do you make changes during a session to observe changes to 60ft, trap etc?

I know some will say drive it like you do on the street but I’m curious how easy changes can impact ET and/or trap.

Also, obviously most won’t do (coilover) height changes but since I have air suspension, does anyone have any input on how drive height front/rear may change things? I’m suspecting a more zero camber (higher than road setting) may help with traction.


I know this is a little buried compared to popular threads but I would think the AR brain trust would have some good pointers…anyone?

Air suspension + AR = oil + water

that’s why. You’re the only guy, and frankly most performance focused people don’t think about using air ride.

Post this in the southern california section of Audizine and maybe you’ll get some responses…mostly about how the dragstrip is too hard and these cars weren’t meant for drag racing. There’s loads of air ride setups down there though.

Bottom line is the world of audis with air ride and the world of Audis with dragstrip passes is unlikely to intersect in boolean geometry terms.

You’re the only one I’ve ever heard of, so why don’t you blaze the trail?

Go to the strip, and test various setups to see what’s best. It’s easy to adjust right,and on a day like last week where it’s quiet ,you can test everything all you want.

The question wasn’t about air ride…that was only one small component. LOTS of people have adjustable compression/rebound damping control that could chime in. That’s really what the post was about.

My height adjustability is obviously easier but I would also be curious on whether people with coilovers go lower/higher or mess around with f/r balance by lowering the nose a bit.

I think I answered your question then. Just substitute ‘adjustable coilovers’ for ‘air ride’ in my boolean geometry post.

There are like 30 Audi drivers on the forums who have been to the dragstrip more than 3 times. From that group, you need someone who has devoted attention to his suspension settings for max performance. That’s a tall order.

Drop the front and jack up the back…mad rake style

Maybe you’re right…I guess I can check EVO and Subaru forums :slight_smile:

It seems odd to me that most people buy multi-adjustable coilovers and tend to leave them on the defaults. Tuning suspension properties is a huge component of pro drag racing and most people here leave the potential untapped. Granted, we have AWD cars but shifting weight to the majority of power (rear) is still advantageous.

Get some ideas from rwd domestic forums… mopar, set performance etc. At least you will get a place to start

It is a PITA to adjust the rebound and compression settings on most Audis because the shocks have to be removed, then adjusted, then reinstalled, checked for a change, and repeat. Unless you get the Stasis motorsports or PSI Olmins coilovers that cost a shit ton.

At one point I was going to change my settings and then I got the car up on the lift and was like screw this. If you can do it on the fly then I would play with it for a while like Saki said. I would assume that you want a overall soft setting.

they do set them optimally…they just don’t tend to dragrace or adjust for dragracing if they do.